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Angel Card Spreads

Looking ahead spread

"What is coming up for me" or "Will my life become smoother soon"


1. Present
2. Immediate future.
3. Three months ahead
You can keep drawing cards for 3 month increments.

What the Angels want me to know spread

For questions such as "I would love to receive a message from my Guardian Angel (or deceased loved one)" or "Who are my Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides?"


1. General theme of the day, situation, or relationship.
2. Possible block.
3. Angels guidance to heal this block.
4. Probable outcome, based on on current thoughts and circumstances.

New love spread

For questions such as: "When will I meet my soulmate?" or "How will I meet my soulmate?"















1. How to prepare to meet the new person.
2. The other person’s blocks.
3. Your blocks.
4. Angels guidance to heal these blocks.
5. Angels message about this new relationship.

Soulmate spread

For questions such as: "Is [Name of person] my soulmate?", "How does this person feel about me?" or "Where is this relationship headed?"


1. Purpose of relationship.
2. Block in the relationship.
3. Angels guidance.
4. Probable outcome, based on current circumstances.

Life purpose spread

For questions such as: "What is my life purpose?" or "What step should I take in my career?" or "Is this new business idea a good idea?"


1. What you have learned in the past.
2. What you are currently learning.
2. What steps to take right now.
4. How you can best help others.
5. Your life purpose