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Angel Cards

Angel / Oracle cards are an ancient divination tool that will allow you to clearly receive messages from your Angels and the Divine.  They can be used for personal messages and guidance or can be used to give readings to other people.

When you are using the cards with the right intentions you cannot make any mistakes as each and every card that you draw out of the deck comes to you for a reason.  This happens with the help of your Angels.  Through the Spiritual Law of Attraction, you will automatically pick the cards that mirror your current thoughts and emotions or the individuals you are reading for.

There are many different card spreads available, many will have an element of predicting the future.  It is very important to remember that the future is based on what action you are currently taking and if you continue to do so this will match the outcome from the cards.

Choosing your cards

The first thing you need to do is buy a pack of Angel or Oracle cards.  This part is important you should not just rush out and buy any old pack.  If you listen to your intuition then you will find that you will be drawn to a particular pack.  If not, try holding different packs and see which feels right to you.  There are many different types available the most popular being cards created by Doreen Virtue.  Some cards have one word with pictures others have pictures with messages on them, this can make it easier for you when starting out. Many card sets will come with a booklet that will explain the meaning of the card.  Where possible you should avoid reading the meanings from the book and follow your intuition.


Preparing your cards

Before using any new cards it is important to prepare them for a reading.  Preparing the cards means that the cards will be imprinted with your unique energy pattern as well as your intentions for the cards.

When you open the pack of cards, shuffle the cards slowly holding your good intentions for the cards in your mind and make sure you touch each card slowly blending your energy with it.  Then either fan the cards out and hold them against your heart or hold them in your hands saying silently a prayer of your intentions i.e.

"Angels & Guides I ask that every reading I give to myself or others with these cards brings the guidance and strength needed. May I also ask for your help in hearing clearly, seeing clearly and feeling clearly any additional information that you may want me to know during the card readings.  Thank you.  Amen."

You can use whatever prayer you feel is right for you above is just one example.

Once you have prepared your cards begin to familiarise yourself with them, see what each card means to you and, if you have to, read the book to see if you have received the same meaning.

Personal Angel card readings

Once you have got used to the cards you are ready to do a reading for yourself.  You can use the cards to answer a particular question or you can just ask for your Angels to share with you what they feel you need to know right now.

Hold the question you have in your mind as you are shuffling the cards.  When you feel ready stop shuffling and start to pick the cards from the deck.  You can either take from the top, split the deck or you can fan the cards out and pick the cards that you feel drawn to.  Pick as many cards you feel you need (most readings use between 1 and 12 cards), again, you cannot make any mistakes if your intentions are right.

Important.  If any cards seem to jump out of the pack while you are shuffling you must use these cards.

The cards are meant to be used with your intuition so always follow it, do not worry about how long you should shuffle the cards for or how many cards you should pick just go with what feels right. When laying the cards down lay them down from left to right, the left is the past (usually within 3 months), the middle is the now and the right is the future.

Giving an Angel card reading

When giving an Angel card reading you follow the same process as you would as if you were doing a reading for yourself, except the prayer should be for the person receiving the reading rather than yourself.

The person you are reading for should say their question out loud so you can hold this question in your mind while you are shuffling the cards.  It is important to note that the question asked may not get answered if the question they have is hiding a deeper question that they need answering.  If the person receiving the reading does not feel comfortable saying their question out loud then ask them to hold this question in their own mind.  This will work just the same.

Protecting your cards

When someone else touches your cards their energy can become imprinted on the cards, so their energy could affect future readings.  If you give readings to other people you might ask them to draw the cards, this works just the same as if you are picking the cards yourself.  However, their energy can become imprinted on the cards, so you must remember to clear the cards of energy between every reading.  This can be done very much the same as cleansing crystals, you can run the cards through some incense smoke or place a quartz crystal on top of the deck with the intention that the crystal will draw the energy from the cards.   You can also just hold the pack, close your eyes and ask your Angel to cleanse the cards of any energies other than your own.

Storing your cards is also something to consider.  If they are left in a room, for example, where many people come and go then the cards will pick up energy that way also.  Storing them in the box they come with is fine.  Many people use silk pouches. A wooden box can also be used to store cards in.  That way, they are safe and it prevents others playing with them.

Angel card spreads

There are many card spreads that you can use depending on the questions you are asking and what you would like to know.  See Angel card spreads.


In any card reading or psychic reading, the message reveals probable outcomes based on your current thoughts and circumstances.  The Angels want to help you reach the best possible outcome, and that is the purpose of their messages and guidance.  As you shift your thoughts and behaviours then you can change the possible outcome.

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