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Rune Stones

Runes_v2.jpgRune stones consist of 24 stones that have letters carved into them from the old Futhark alphabet. The stones each have their own meaning and when they are laid out they can answer your most intimate questions concerning your life, very much like Angel or Oracle cards. 

There are different spreads for different questions. The stones can be made from various materials such as ceramic, stone, gold, crystal and wood.

Usually a rune reading is done using 3 runes picked from the 24 out of a pouch they are kept in.  This spread is called a Norns spread.  The 1st rune to be pulled is about the past, the 2nd rune is about the present and the 3rd rune is about your future.

When giving a reading you can allow the recipient to ask a question and then choose a spread to answer that question.  After the stones have been spread out you can begin to answer the question by interpreting the rune stones. 

Click here to see the meanings for each stone, but remember like any other divination tool you should always try to use your intuition. Only allow the recipient to ask one question at a time and the question should not have multiple answers i.e. "should I start a new business or stay in my current job?"

As long as your intentions are right you can answer any questions and the results will be astonishing.  Before you start your reading you should say a prayer asking for the reading to be for the recipient’s highest and greatest good.

Rune stones have been used all throughout history and in ancient times were used by the Shaman whether they were priest or priestess. Often a rune reading will draw on your subconscious to aid in helping you understand your inner self and help you become the person you are meant to become.

Types of Stones
There are different forms of rune stones that can be used for different types of readings.  However, you will find that you can achieve the same results with one set of stones.

Click to see range of Runes available